Warp Data series data dedicated SIM cards are utilized with Hot Box Series Worldwide Portable Hot Spots which provide high quality MI (Mobile Internet) lines that expand beyond GSM or WCDMA network constraints (mainly utilizing talk and text at 2G standards) by providing a 4G LTE dedicated line which prioritizes data for only the most elite customers. MI lines on this standard insure high speed data transfer speeds even in congested network areas or high use peak data load times by prioritizing data to Hot Box Series products and giving maximum mobile data speeds at all times. Available in short term and long term options with data options available up to 22GB, is perfect for data heavy travelers who utilize data for the primary source of communication for Apps, text or voice. Talk and Text are done through Voice over IP (VoiP) or Data App standards

available through apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viper, Facebook, etc. Warp Data Series data SIM cards are available to insure you can keep your local phone number whilst running all your data and phone needs at guaranteed best pricing data dedicated SIMS used with portable hotspot or MiFi devices.


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