Unlocked portable hotspots means you can take advantage of local data rates by having a private WiFi connection that is always active from your Portable Hotspot Devices that converts the local 4G LTE data stream to your own personal, encrypted hotspot WiFi network. You are free to change the name of your network, your password or even pair your device to complex network systems via WPS all powered through the local data plan provided below. Connect up to Ten devices at a distance of up to 10 meters or 30 feet away and enjoy WiFi on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or iOT device. Take advantage of local data plans, speeds, and unlimited networks while keeping your local number to maximize your connection and save money from roaming data network charges or roaming data constraints such as data constraints or overage charges when going over certain data alotments. Sophisticated travelers best friend, knows that you don’t have time to change SIM cards on your phone and can’t afford to suspend your local phone number but can execute all functions on your device using privatized WiFi systems through the HOT box series portable Hotspot MiFi device.


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